VISTA Mission Statement

VISTA Missions is a non-profit organization with a mission to demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the provision of resources, training and equipment support to short -term mission teams with an emphasis on providing medical, dental and vision care to the needy in cooperation with and under the authority of local foreign ministries.

"The VISTA Vision"

The history of VISTA Missions really begins in Genesis when God created man to populate the earth and reflect His image. It begins to take focus with God’s call to Abram to leave his own land and be the channel through whom God would show himself to the nations and bless them, a story that unfolds throughout the Old Testament. Christ’s life and death, the teaching and sending of the disciples, the Great Commission in Matthew 28, and the command to “GO” in Acts 1:8 are fundamental to VISTA and all mission-focused efforts, and should be to each believer’s life.

The need to reach others with the Gospel and the blessing in the lives of those that involve themselves in the task led Jerry Lehman to start the Missionary Outreach Program in the 1960’s, taking high school students to Mexico to come along side of churches in making the Gospel known. This program became part of Seattle Christian School in 1988, grew to sending several mission teams each year throughout the world and became a source for training and materials sought by other groups.

VISTA Missions is one of several organizations born from this ministry. As the program of adult teams grew beyond the scope of a Christian school, experienced leaders and professionals who had been instrumental in the Vision and Dental clinic teams formed VISTA Missions in 2006. As of April, 2013, VISTA has supplied and dispensed over 30,000 pair of glasses to the underserved population of Latin America and taken care of more than 6,000 patients in the dental clinics.

VISTA will continue to provide support, training, leadership and expanded ministry teams mainly in the areas of Vision and Dental Clinics. This will allow groups to benefit from the short-term mission experience and to be part of the blessing God intended us to be to the nations.

VISTA Missions is a 501(c)3 organization. All gifts are tax-deductible.

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